Is this Gold?  Can this be Gold?  Tell me.  Gold or Not?

What is more eye-catching and thought provoking to people’s minds than wealth, power and prestige.  But these worldly offerings are not forever.

a.  You can be famous for a time and then fade away.  Fame is very elusive that some die chasing it.  Some give it all but were not able to possess.

b.  You can be powerful for a time and your power will subtly decrease as new generation of leaders will arise.  Power struggle leads to death and division of many kingdoms and families.  Even world superpower just stayed for years and centuries but never stood by the test of time.

c.  You can be wealthy for time but your wealth depends so much on external factors – economy, inflation, supply, demand, etc.  Maybe, your wealth can last for a lifetime.  The same with your worries of your wealth will last for a lifetime.

The true fame, the true power and the true wealth is us/we.   When we have each other, helping each other, loving each other then, we are TREASURES.   More than gold, more than power and more than fame!  Your family, your friends, your creatives, your teachers, your neighbor, your clients, the nature, and above all, GOD.  Whatever the name you have attributed to HIM, He is yesterday, today and forever.




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"Liwanag sa Dilim" means light in the darkness. This initiative done through the enlightenment from above to give light amidst the darkness and confusions sown by people with hidden interests.

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