Summer vacation is a fun-filled time for families and friends.  It is a high time to spend it outside our comfort zones and go somewhere.  In the Philippines, you can visit some of its famous tourists destinations.  Being a tropical country, there are vegetation everywhere and lot of special foods for everyone to taste.  Just bring  friends to make more enjoyable.  Since Boracay will be closed for the next 6 months starting this April 26, 2018, here are some alternatives:

  1.  Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers, Zipline, Hanging Bridge, River Cruise and Scuba Diving in Bohol
  1.  Undeground River, Caves, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, White beaches and Scuba Diving in Palawan
  1.  Mt. Apo, Durian fruit, Water Falls, Beaches, Scuba Diving and Bananas in Davao
  1.  Whales Sharks, Whale watching, Old churches and Diving in Cebu
  1.  Surfing, Lagoons and Beaches in Siargao
  1.  Water Rafting, Zipline and Adventures in Cagayan de Oro
  1.  White beaches, volcano in Camiguin
  1.  Hiking, Backpacking, Rice Terraces in Banaue
  1. Historical Sites, Malls, Malacanang Palace in Manila
  1. Spanish houses, Windmill, Beaches and historical place in Ilocos



-low cost of living

-tropical climate

-hospitable and friendly people

-Everybody can understand English language


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Miracles do happen everyday.   The fact that you are still breathing, it is a miracle.  So many random acts of universe happened while you were sleeping and yet you are still alive and kicking.   During your sleep, you might have a bad dream and got a cardiac arrest.  Your house might caught by fire and everything you have toiled for might vanished.  Tragedy might struck at you and the next seconds you’re gone.  In this world that we are so unsure of, everything might happen in the course of time. But miracles do happen.  No doubt about it.  Dying patients who were got healed instantly.  Poor people made million of fortunes.  But remember, this is not given to all.  For we are so many.

In this planet where the 7.6 billion people are living, you are a miracle.  Since the womb in our mothers, everyday is a survival.  Everyday is a fight.  Everyday is a miracle.  Everyday, the sun keeps on shining for us.  Everyday, we breath air to keep us alive.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

Gratitude is all that we have.  Nobody will live forever on this planet.  We may live only this planet for 80 to 100 years and that is more than enough.  Everyday, live your life to the fullest.  Cast away all your fears, cast away all your evil thoughts, cast away all your negative energies.  JUST GOOD THOUGHTS.




end of the world

The Middle East is once again on the hotspot.  USA and allies struck Syria with 100 plus missiles yesterday.  For sure, Syria and its allies cannot let this pass.  Are we ready when it happened?  We are far from Syria but the economic consequence is inevitable.  Prepare for the best and the worst.

God bless us.



Is this Gold?  Can this be Gold?  Tell me.  Gold or Not?

What is more eye-catching and thought provoking to people’s minds than wealth, power and prestige.  But these worldly offerings are not forever.

a.  You can be famous for a time and then fade away.  Fame is very elusive that some die chasing it.  Some give it all but were not able to possess.

b.  You can be powerful for a time and your power will subtly decrease as new generation of leaders will arise.  Power struggle leads to death and division of many kingdoms and families.  Even world superpower just stayed for years and centuries but never stood by the test of time.

c.  You can be wealthy for time but your wealth depends so much on external factors – economy, inflation, supply, demand, etc.  Maybe, your wealth can last for a lifetime.  The same with your worries of your wealth will last for a lifetime.

The true fame, the true power and the true wealth is us/we.   When we have each other, helping each other, loving each other then, we are TREASURES.   More than gold, more than power and more than fame!  Your family, your friends, your creatives, your teachers, your neighbor, your clients, the nature, and above all, GOD.  Whatever the name you have attributed to HIM, He is yesterday, today and forever.




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INCITING WORLD WAR III? #Armageddon? #LiesAndDeceptions


The Trio (USA, France and Great Britain) just struck Syria with more than 100 plus missiles.  Fortunately, Syria was able to defend its country by activating its anti-missile defense system.  War is inevitable.  Russia, a close ally of Syria said that they will not tolerate acts like this.   Pray harder on this trying times.


1.  USA and allies blatantly lied about the weapon of mass destruction (WMD) about Iraq.  I took pity on Saddam Hussein.   That was during the time when US economy was on regression.   Now, Americans occupied most of the oil refineries in Iraq (if not all).

2.  US staged a rebellion in Libya to oust Gaddafi.  Look at Libya now – in ruin. (Libya has one of the biggest oil deposit in Africa.)

3.  Inspectors from United Nations are on their way to verify the chemical attack in Douma, Syria which the US and its allies accused Assad of doing it.  But USA pounded it with missiles.  What’s will they investigate?  Can they still get samples?  Is US hiding something?  Was the chemical attack in Douma was the West own-making?  Just a thought.

4.   Russia said that acts of hostilities like this won’t be tolerated.  So, expect some actions.

5.  US economy now is not that good.  They have trade war with China.   Is USA trying to sell their armaments for a greater profit?

God, help us.  Powerful people are becoming insane.  We put our trust in YOU, LORD.  Keep in your heart the children, the orphans, the poor, the old and the sick.   Forgive our sins.

Let us all #PrayforSyria